Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Shown below is my new statement of intent for the second year as it was written in April -

Throughout the rest of the second year and the summer I need to gain a wider understanding of the photography and curation industries and develop my own skills in order to make a name for myself and gain work in the future. Below is a list of things I need do in order to achieve this -

I feel that I have achieved this to a certain degree and feel that my interest both personally and professionally in photography and curation is continuing to grow. In terms of my own photographic practice I am starting to understand the way in which client briefs work and working towards somebody else's vision. Furthermore I feel that I have learned a lot in regards to curation and publishing and this will thrive in my summer placement as Self Publish, Be Happy.

As mentioned in my previous posts I will be working with Self Publish Be Happy through June and then living and working in New York through July, I intend to get as much out of these as I can and continue networking in the way that I have to organise further work related learning and client briefs for the third year.

- posts between September - February are fairly sporadic.
- posts between February - March show some development but are still not particularly well organised.
- posts from April onwards show my new Statement of Intent and mark a level of serious blogging since we were rebriefed after Christian leaving.

Friday, 25 May 2012


Here is an updated copy of my CV -

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Throughout the past year I have been featured on various photography websites, some of which I submitted to and some of which approached me. I feel this is a very important of PPD as it is the most basic level of having people worldwide see my work. It gives me the opportunity to share my photos with others and gives me an online presence which seems to be becoming more and more relevant in contemporary photography.

Here is the current list of features/interviews I have had on various photography sites -

Blood of the Young 12, 3,