Sunday, 29 January 2012

Elizabeth Weinberg

Photos for KR3W, Fall 2011 - link

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PPD Interviews

Last week we were interviewed by two 3rd year students in order to asses how we feel we are progressing and to see whether or not they feel we will make it as practitioners. I feel it went reasonably well as I managed to mention my own influences and my own work while having a reasonably professional conversation. In this time I also managed to show a previously made zine and my website, which both went down well, and mention my interest in self publishing and a possible plan for the enterprise project.

3 - Making a website

Making a website has given my work a more professional appearance and given me a place to show prospective clients a selection of my work.
The website can be seen here.

2 - Making Zines

Making small zines of my photos has resulted in me editing down my work and making collections but also working with printers to produce a finished document. To date I have made 4 zines all of which I have sold out of via selling or trading them with other photographers. Through this I have also made connections with other photographers/designers for possible future collaborations.

1 - Making a Tumblr

After making a tumblr photo blog I received over 1,000 views in less than 24 hours and have gained just under 200 followers.
The blog can be seen here.


A few months ago I decided to move to tumblr and post only my own photographs so I had a constantly updated blog of my own work, however for the PPD module we still need to be posting regularly about artist influences, projects, plans and general development as practitioners. Due to this I will now be posting regularly here again to show my personal and professional development.

I will be making three posts to show the most important things that I have done in this time in relation to the PPD Module.