Friday, 27 April 2012

Live Project

After rewriting my statement of intent and understanding what is expected in the PPD module I have realised that a lot of parts of the Live Project are relevant to my personal and professional development. Essentially any project that is 'live' is relevant in the way that it involves me either working with a client or working to my own brief for  a specific purpose, therefore anything that happens, good or bad, is part of a learning curve and something worth remembering.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Important Points

As stated previously I had not been keeping up to date with blogging and since the rebriefing I have organised my blog more. Here are links to three previous posts that I feel are some of the most relevant to my practice.

Making a Website
Making a tumblr
Making Zines

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Statement of Intent

Yesterday we had a PPD workshop in which we learned that we should have been keeping a much more regular PPD blog and that we must also have a statement of intent. Below is my statement from the start of the year, it is very vague and is followed by a more thorough and engaging statement of intent focusing on the rest of the second year and the summer.

At the beginning of the year I stated that I wanted to
- have fun
- make progress
- get closer to the inevitable moment at which the penny drops

I feel that I have achieved all three of the above things by enjoying the work that I am doing and producing work to a higher quality that is enjoyed by more people inside and outside of my direct area of practice. I would also say that the penny has dropped to some extent in the way that I am sure I want to work within photography, initially I had only been focusing on my own pictures and projects but throughout the live project I have also been focusing on curation and publishing and the final product of such photographs.

Statement of Intent
Throughout the rest of the second year and the summer I need to gain a wider understanding of the photography and curation industries and develop my own skills in order to make a name for myself and gain work in the future. Below is a list of things I need do in order to achieve this -

- keep working my own photographic style
- keep researching photographers, magazines, zines, collectives etc
- continue working with other people and on various projects (Holy Ghost, 5/1, etc)
- get assisting jobs with photographers
- create a portfolio

I also need to learn about
- client based work involving costs and charges
- professionalism and promotion

My portfolio must show a range of technical skill as well as polished imagery and relevant experience such as working with clients, printers, etc