Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shiny Happy People

As part of the Live Project I have released a self published book titled Shiny Happy People. It is a series of photographs, taken at the age of twenty, that document the people around me and question the fine line between portraits and snapshots.
You can buy a copy here.

This was a long term project that I had planned for a while, it taught me how to edit down my own photos and deicide on what I thought was relevant to the project but also worthy of print. It also involved me sitting down with a graphic designer, Paul Howarth, to produce a layout and design that we believed was clean and minimal without being too empty. It was also another venture into printing and publishing that I feel has expanded my knowledge on professional practice and working with others.

I sold copies of this not only within the UK but as far as France, Spain, America and Canada to name a few, due to this I deemed this as both a personal and professional success.

Prior to it's release some of the photos were also featured on Self Publish Be Happy's Book to Come page - here. After this I was contacted by Bruno again complimenting me on my work and expressing interest in the book of which I later gave him a copy.

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