Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Independent Photographers Union Presents: Blood of The Young

This is a poster for the second show I have been involved with as part of Holy Ghost, it was a joint show involving many of the UK based independent and DIY photographic publishers. It also coincided with a visit from Canadian publishers Blood of the Young and involved a large contribution from Australia based Hard Workers Club with drink sponsors form Sailor Jerry rum and Tiger beer. 

Due to the sheer amount of things that had to be organised for this event I was heavily involved in the curation and hanging of the show while Matt and Alex saw to other duties. This involved organising and hanging over 300 prints that had been submitted from worldwide sources.

Through this event I am now in professional and personal contact with a lot of practitioners of all ages and stages within their practice involving not only people from the UK but also spanning as far as Canada and Australia.
While in London I also managed to meet up with Bruno again and hand deliver a copy of my book Shiny Happy People, he was impressed with the content and aesthetic of the photos as well as the print and bind quality of the book. We also spoke again about me interning and he explained how there was not a position for the whole of summer but that I could work with them through June and that it w0uld be quite intense due to two large events coming up including a workshop with Pogo Books.

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