Monday, 14 May 2012

Enough Magazine

I recently contacted Vis Com graduate and graphic designer Paul Price about his new project Enough Magazine, in order to find out if he needed or wanted anybody to contribute articles and interviews in relation to photography.

We had a chat and he has taken me on board to write a series of articles or interviews each month, again I will be using this to contact photographers  serving as research for myself and press for the website and project. This is a great example of the back log of Vis Com graduates that are available to contact in a kind of extended family tree, I will using this project to further my own knowledge in the editorial side of photography and make connections with photographers. It also allows me to make contact with Paul himself and any other friends or colleagues of his that will be involved in the project.

You can read my first article on Jonnie Craig's new book I'll Kick You in the Head With My Energy Legs here.

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