Saturday, 5 May 2012

Holy Ghost and Protein present: SIX SIX SIX

Below is a poster for first show I was involved with through Holy Ghost, six photographers were picked and each given a roll of film to shoot, we then took the films back, developed them and exhibited all 36 exposures from each artist before they had even seen them.  The exhibition itself was very last minute as Protein contacted us two weeks in advance with a weeks space to fill in their 18 Hewett Street Gallery.

I made it down to set up the show and finally meet my colleagues, my assumption was that I may be doing odd jobs but from the start I was involved with everything from getting things printed to curatorial decisions and hanging the final show. The show itself received nearly 300 visitors on it's opening night and is the largest event I have been involved with outside of an academic environment.

I also made contacts with the six photographers involved and others that had come for the show, this has lead to possible assisting jobs and further networking.

While in London I also managed to meet up with Bruno Ceschel, founder of Self Publish, Be Happy. I had originally contacted him based on an internship for summer and due to being in London at the time I managed to meet him for coffee and a short interview, this will be explained in further detail later.

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