Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Holy Ghost

Prior to the Live Project I contacted Holy Ghost about an internship and/or work related learning, upon receiving a response I have been working alongside its two founding members. Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie, to curate the website, organise and curate events and write interviews.

This was mentioned previously on my PPD blog but I feel now that I can reflect on the work I have done and the events I have contributed too. I have learned what Holy Ghost is and the kind of photographic work they print, promote and support. I have also used my status as part of the team to contact otherwise unreachable professional photographers, essentially treating the interviews as research.

Through exhibitions I have made connections with many photographers and people that I otherwise would not have known, leading to a a summer internship and possible assisting jobs, explained later.

Now the Live Project has finished I have been given a reference from Matt, can be shown upon request, and a full time position as part of the team at Holy Ghost. This means that I will continue to produce content for the site and organise exhibitions, including a show currently being arranged in Leeds for September and work towards their quarterly printed publications.

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